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Quarterly Testing

Check Your Child’s Quarterly Assessments Online

Each quarter, students in first through eighth grades take quarterly assessments which indicate his or her mastery of the state standards in reading and math. Because these "Galileo" tests are taken through an on-line curriculum management program, you can check your child’s quarterly progress at home using the internet. All you need is internet access, your child’s six-digit student number, and these simple instructions:

Obtain your child’s 6-digit number from the teacher.

Go to: https://www.assessmenttechnology.com/GalileoASP/ASPX/StudentCenter/StudentCenterlogin.aspx

Once on the site, follow these steps.

Log in Name: Student 6-digit number + aesd(no space between number and name).

Password: Student 6-digit number (same number used to log in).

Click on: View Grades

Select either: View Test Report or View Test Score

Click on: Get Selected Information

Selecting “View Test Report” allows you to see a detailed analysis of your child’s performance on each performance objective. The report indicates whether your child “meets” the standard or “falls far below” the standard on each skill.

Selecting “View Test Score” allows you to see a percentage score on either the reading or math test. Compare your child’s test score against the ATS grading scale to evaluate his or her performance.

Your child’s teacher has access to the same information. With that information your child’s teacher is carefully making instructional decisions on skills to review and re-teach. We also use this information to help build our rosters for tutoring. Because these quarterly assessments are aligned to our curriculum, which is aligned to the state standards, you can be sure that this information is a reliable reflection of your child’s academic performance.